Born in Esbjerg, Denmark, only meters way from the North Sea, water has always been Micha’s favorite element. Starting at a young age after many years of training she finally reached her childhood dream in 2008: competing at the Olympic Games.

A few years after just missing the final at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Micha decided to move from Denmark to Berlin, Germany. After finishing her career as a professional athlete she decided to use the knowledge and the discipline she had been taught and experienced since  the age of 6, to help others reach their fitness goals.

Micha’s greatest goal is to help people stay healthy and feel good about themselves – regardless of through her work as a personal trainer, her work for Nike or with her company Corporate Health Group helping businesses in Germany making their employees happy, healthy and productive.

From the endless hours of Training physically and mentally, working with the best nutritionist and sport scientist world wide as an olympic swimmer, Micha has created a concept that can be adapted easily to every individual, every group and every business. A concept build on knowledge in stead of trends, making sure you’ll enjoy investing in your body.