KRILL BOOST: Contains the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids from sustainable krill oil, which your brain and heart need in order to be fully efficient. The body cannot produce these essential fatty acids itself, rather, they must be obtained from food. In comparison to ordinary fish oil, krill oil is much less polluted, has better bioavailability, and contains natural astaxanthin, one of the strongest and well-known known antioxidants.
VITAMIN D3 OIL: This vital vitamin is essential to strengthen your immune system and stimulus transmission in the brain. Because vitamin D controls 2,000 genes, the sun vitamin acts directly on the metabolism of all the body’s cells, influencing many important functions in the human body and therefore your overall performance. In the brain, it is beneficial to the development of new nerve cells and therefore has a major impact on your brain development.
ROCKET C8: This ROCKET C8 MCT oil is the quick energy provider for your brain & body. The lower number of metabolic steps towards carbohydrates ensures that ROCKET C8 is one of the best ways to improve your mental and physical performance. 
WHEY PROTEIN: The to Micha most important supplement. A shake right after finishing you workout mixed with 30g Whey Protein and water or Coco Whey. Favorites: Cocos Crisp and chocolate.


BLENDER BOTTLE: Best bottle for on the go – leak-proof and of course BPA and Phthalate free. The GoStack jars secure tightly to carry powders, vitamins, supplements, snacks, and more. Best gym bag combo ever.

JUMP ROPE: Mandatory for workouts at home, in the gym or for workouts while traveling. Each grip is milled from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and powder coated for a
Improved durability. Comes with two fully adjustable 3m PVC Steel Cables in red and black.
TRX TRAINER: Perfect for all sports activities and is suitable for young and older Leisure and competitive athletes. Easily implemented for covering strength, balance, coordination and stability. Provides a full body workout and a perfect fit for workouts while traveling.
MEDICINE BALL: Ideal for several isolated and full body exercises. Choose from 1-5kg depending on your needs. Micha prefers to train with a 5kg medicine ball when working out with her personal clients.

NIKE METCON 4: Micha’s all time favorite training shoe for Cross Training, HIIT & Weightlifting provides a strong, stable base, flexible support, and extreme durability for a wide range of training activities, from sprints and sled pushes to lifting and rope climbing. A new textured mesh makes it stronger, lighter, and more durable than any Metcon – ever.
NIKE SCULPT: Micha’s favorite tight for working out. Perfect fit – always! The Nike Sculpt Women’s High Rise Training Tights feature sweat-wicking, compressive fabric to help you feel dry, comfortable and supported during your workout.
NIKE PRO CLASSIC: Best bra regardless of chest size. Perfect for HIIT, running & weightlifting. Has a medium to strong hold and comes in several colors and color combinations.